The best artisan sausages

What makes us unique

100% natural ingredients

Our sausages are 100% free of preservatives, artificial flavouring and additives

Variety of flavors

We offer 13 types of different types of sausages made from pork, beef, chicken as well as a vegetarian one

Gluten free options

We offer gluten, dairy and egg free options.

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English Breakfast

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Spicy Breakfast

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Mullen's is born as a family

Mullen's begins as an initiative from Philip ‘the Sausage King’ Mullen, an English expat residing in Colombia for over 35 years, who turns the frustration of not being able to find a typical English sausage in the local market into the opportunity to develop his own traditional recipe. His creation results in resounding success amongst family and friends; this also led to an opportunity to discover new flavours and the possibility of experiencing various traditional recipes.

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