Mullen's is born as a family

Mullen's begins as an initiative from Philip ‘the Sausage King’ Mullen, an English expat residing in Colombia for over 35 years, who turns the frustration of not being able to find a typical English sausage in the local market into the opportunity to develop his own traditional recipe. His creation results in resounding success amongst family and friends; this also led to an opportunity to discover new flavours and the possibility of experiencing various traditional recipes.

That is how requests from expatriate clients began to arrive, looking to find in Philip's recipes those flavours that were lacking in the typical dishes of their regions and that were absent from the Colombian market.

In addition to the traditional English recipes, requests were added to develop Italian sausages, Moroccan merguez, South African boerewors and German bratwursts. The incredible reception and promotion of these requests was the last push to consolidate Mullen's as a family business in 2016.

Today, Mullen’s Homemade produces 10 different types of sausages taking innovation as the driving piece of the equation. The sensory experience that our recipes represent and the quality of our ingredients, is exactly what makes us different.

The creation of new recipes that catch both foreign and Colombian clients is our goal.

As a family, we have worked extremely hard because we have always known that we have an outstanding product. Today, we can count with three employees, we have been mastering our vegan sausage and we continued to grow in presence selling our sausages in restaurants, hotels and some cities outside of Bogotá.

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